Rectitude Pte Ltd is your go-to source for all of your safety equipment needs. If you're looking for reliable safety equipment wholesale suppliers, go no further than us.

Rectitude recognizes the paramount significance of a risk-free work environment. All of our goods are manufactured to the highest quality standards and adhere to all applicable safety regulations as safety equipment wholesale suppliers.

Personal protective equipment (PPE), fall prevention systems, and fire extinguishers are just some of the various types of safety gear we stock.

We are reliable safety equipment wholesale suppliers.We have grown to become the best of best safety equipment wholesale suppliers.



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Item Code Details Base UOM Qty
HW-P-15-4.8X300 CABLE TIE -4.8MMX300MM (MIXER) 混合颜色 PKT

HW-P-15-4.8X250 CABLE TIE -4.8MMX250MM (MIXER) 混合颜色 PKT

HW-P-15-4.8X200 CABLE TIE -4.8MMX200MM (MIXER) 混合颜色 PKT

HW-P-15-4.8X150 CABLE TIE -4.8MMX150MM (MIXER) 混合颜色 PKT

HW-P-15-3.6X100 CABLE TIE -3.6MMX100MM (MIXER) 混合颜色 PKT

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