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Rectitude Pte Ltd (199708654N) is established 1997


Rectitude Pte Ltd: Your Go-To Supplier for Safety Equipment in Singapore

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of safety equipment in Singapore, look no further than Rectitude Pte Ltd. As one of the top safety equipment suppliers in Singapore, we offer a wide range of personal protection products, safety shoes, lifeline, portable fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment.

At Rectitude, we are dedicated to supply good quality safety equipment to our customers. We understand the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace, and our understanding in PPE safety products set us apart from our competitors.

Our range of safety products ( ie: safety shoes, helmets and gloves) enable us to meet the needs of various industries, Our products are designed to meet the national safety standards.

Looking towards the future, our goal is to estalish a foothold in the regional market. We plan to open more branches in Singapore, to enhance our position as one of the largest safety equipment suppliers in Singapore.

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Fire Extinguisher Supplier in Singapore

We supply portable fire extinguishers for home and commercial sectors. We also offer customize fire extinguisher frame incorporated with hand oprated fire alarms.

Personal Fall Arrest System Products Suppliers in Singapore

Our Following Personal Fall Arrest systems complied to the relevant national standards ( ISO, EN and SS) 

  • Full-body harness
  • Lanyards and energy absorbers
  • Self-retracting Lifelines
  • Vertical lifelines incorporating a sliding-type fall arrester
  • Connectors with self-closing and self-locking gates



Safety Footwear Suppliers in Singapore

Our Following categories of safety footwear complied to the relevant national standards ( ISO, EN, SS and AS) 

Category Basic requirements Additional requirements
SB  I   



Closed seat region
Antistatic properties
Energy absorption of seat region
Resistance to fuel oil



As S1, Plus:
Water penetration and absorption



As S2, Plus:
Penetration resistance



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