Disinfection Service

DADE Home & Office Cleaning is established by a leading company dealing with covid related products. We started out with a simple aim, which is to provide a variety of home and offices cleaning services to all.

The covid 19 pandemic situation is playing right out before our eyes, now taking care of our health and our loved one’s health is extremely important and necessary. To aid you for disinfect services, we have make it easier for you to find out the best suited cleaning needs and preferences.

Highlights :

- Tested Chemicals approved by Singapore NEA to kill cornonavirus.

- Good trained and experienced staff and fleet

- Good Response time for critical cases

- Offers a variety of services

- Non-toxic and Safe for use for children as well as pets.

- Competitive and Affordable pricing, tailored to meet your budget


Our deep cleaning with a machine ULV Cold fogger 1.2 KW is powerful enough to disinfect large area coverage with suitable chemicals for different usage. Due to microscopic sizes of the viruses, physically cleaning the premises alone is not visible to the naked eye and is insufficient in getting rid of virus.

Using the latest treatment techniques and methods, we can eradicate these particles on exposed surface at microscopic level. We use quality grade disinfectant solutions and custom-engineered tools to deliver top-notch treatment results.

In addition, our disinfect service use misting method that targets all surfaces and inaccessible areas. The treatment will use various NEA approved chemicals or alcohol fee as non-toxic disinfectant solution that will remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria.


OUR Services :

DADE Home & Office Cleaning is a one-stop home as well as office service platform. We strive to transform and improve the quality of urban living. Our company seek to provide an integrated suite of quality, valve and trusted assets as well as facility management services for homes or offices.

Contact Point:

If you have the hygiene needs or required disinfect service, we can share with you case studies around locally on how to stay safe and get back to our normal life around covid 19.

Please feel free to contact us for a non-obligation for a discussion or quotation.


Overall, we ensure optimal cleanliness of the area and promote wellness for the occupants.