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//Safety vest with designation code

Safety vest with designation code

Serial NumberDescriptionColourPacking
01Rigger signalGreen100 pcs/ctn
02Rigger signal Red100 pcs/ctn
03Rigger signalmanGreen100 pcs/ctn
04Rigger signalmanRed100 pcs/ctn
05RiggerGreen100 pcs/ctn
06RiggerRed100 pcs/ctn
07RiggermanGreen100 pcs/ctn
08RiggermanRed100 pcs/ctn
09Safety advisorGreen100 pcs/ctn
10Safety supervisorGreen100 pcs/ctn
11Safety workerGreen100 pcs/ctn
12Safety ErectorGreen100 pcs/ctn
13SignalmanGreen100 pcs/ctn
14SignalmanRed100 pcs/ctn
15Station managerOrange100 pcs/ctn
16Traffic controllerGreen100 pcs/ctn
17Traffic controllerRed100 pcs/ctn
18VisitorGreen100 pcs/ctn
19GammonGreen100 pcs/ctn
20GammonRed100 pcs/ctn
21Gammon c/w pocketGreen100 pcs/ctn
22WSHCOrange100 pcs/ctn
23WSHOOrange100 pcs/ctn
24Safety vestBlue100 pcs/ctn
25 AdvisorGreen100 pcs/ctn
26Assistant station managerGreen100 pcs/ctn
27BanksmanGreen100 pcs/ctn
28BanksmanRed100 pcs/ctn
29Fire wardenRed100 pcs/ctn
30Fire watchmanRed100 pcs/ctn
31Fire watchmanGreen100 pcs/ctn
32Lifting supervisorGreen100 pcs/ctn
33Lifting supervisorRed100 pcs/ctn


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