Rectitude is a reliable Safety harness supplier in Brunei, Cambodia, Australia and Singapore for SkyHawk and Osprey personal fall arrest equipment and restraint systems for work at height in the work place. Our SkyHawk and Osprey products are manufactured to meet the stringent safety standards with the consideration for user ergonomic and acceptable degree of comfort.

Our SkyHawk and Osprey personal fall arrest systems include: full body harness, energy-absorbing lanyard, self-refracting lifeline and temporary vertical lifeline.

In cases where the hazard of falling from height exists and where safe access cannot be provided, the correct choice and correct use of personal fall arrest systems a type of body safety harness is mandatory. In a work place, as far as possible no alterations to the system / product is allowed unless under the instructions and supervisions of a competent person. To minimize such alteration, our extensive range of SkyHawk and Osprey products are designed to perform correctly in the situation in which they are intended to be used. We have also established a strong distribution networks for body safety harness and safety products in the regional countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Vietnam apart from Singapore. If you have needs not mentioned here, please contact us for solution.